Caravan trip

We bought a caravan some time ago and have been fixing It up. On christmas day we took of in our caravan and have been travaling up to nsw and yesterday the night before and this morning we stayed at tweed heads nsw then headed to the theme parks yesterday and today.

Different party curcimstance

Today I went to one of my sister lizzie’s friends party with lizzie and I went and played with sean (the party boy)’s big sister (I can’t spell her name sorry) so there was two big groups of noisy people and when I went inside because there was too much noise there was a big group of noisy adults so I said to mum time to go and she took me home

Concequence from wednesday

This whole term I have practising for going to the libary and the kinder for carols. I go to two schools one in mooroolbark (SPJE), and and one in hamton (Larmenier). Larmenier is a school for kids like me and only a temparary school. You have PSGs to see if you can go to your mainstream (SPJE) more. I have moved on two days and a third invatational but if I dont behave on my two days and my previous invatational day I will not be able to go the next week. my moved on days are wednesday and tuesday and my invatational day is friday. the choir carols are today and because I didnt behave on wednesday I can’t go I’m so upset

Incident on wednesday

Wednesday I was walking to the playground and some girls were saying, why are you on crutches and I answered I woke up with a sprained ankle (wich is true). They thought that was weird and started saying I’ve woken up with a sprained ankle and haven’t needed crutches. I tried to ignore them then they asked me whose crutches they are I answered my grandmother’s. we kept moving. Then they said you move as fast as your grandmother (by that stage I was very angry). I said if i were you I would shush and they started laughing I turned around and hit one of them over the head with my crutch.


yesterday I hurt my ankle and my mum thought it was nothing today she took me to the osteo and we found out that it is sprained  because I have Asperger’s my mum thought I was being a drama queen and didn’t do anything that is because when you have Asperger’s you experience none or alot of pain usually